Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Plus Review

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ model holds a unique place among the top ranked adjustable beds. Based on our research, it is none but the famous Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0, possibly ​manufactured with some specific modifications tailormade to Amerisleep requirements. While we really want to rank it at the #1 position, we can’t because it lacks a couple of features compared to the DM9000s and S&S Platinum, and also because it’s fairly more expensive than those two models.

Overview of the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

Below, we talk about both the benefits and limitations of the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed Plus.

​15 Major Pros of the Amerisleep Plus

  1. Independent Pillow tilting: for more comfortable reading, TV watching and browsing


  1. Wall hugging: to keep you close to the nightstand even in the upright position

  1. Four customizable memory positions: 2 on the remote and 2 on the smartphone app to get you to your favorite positions in a flash
  2. Two additional preset memory positions: Anti-snore and One-Touch Flat positions
  3. Advanced massage features: pulse, rolling-wave or full-body massage with timer
  4. Whisper-quiet motors: make sure that you don’t wake your partner up
  5. Excellent finish on the upholstery: cheap models have wrinkles, but not this Amerisleep base
  6. Up to 25 Year Warranty on the frame (depends on the model you choose)
  7. Safety Lock on remote: to prevent unintentional movements of the base
  8. Excellent manufacturer reputation: well known American company
  9. Eight USB Ports (4 on each side)
  10. Under-bed LED lighting
  11. Sleep timer and gentle wake-up alarm
  12. Smartphone/App compatible
  13. Up to 850 lb weight lifting capacity (including the mattress)

Dual massage, usb ports, and under-bed lights of the Amerisleep motion bed

4 Cons of the adjustable bed

  1. Expensive: it is about 30% more expensive than the previous two models (for a split-king base)
  2. No lumbar support: this is a feature recommended for individuals with back issues
  3. No furniture-style decking: this can actually be a good thing if you’re placing this inside a wooden bed frame
  4. No elevation lift: this is a feature recommended for individuals with acid reflux and not everyone needs it

Amerisleep ​Summary

Finish-wise, nothing comes close to the Amerisleep Prodigy 2.0. If you want that luxury touch, can afford the extra expense, and don’t need lumbar support, this the Amerisleep is your #1 adjustable bed.