Identifying Your Sleeping Disorder: Nocturia

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Nocturia, identified as one of the most bothersome of all urological symptoms, is a common sleep disorder that is just as much likely to affect women as it is likely to affect men, as there is no gender specific prevalence in its occurrence. It does however show age specific prevalence given that it is more …

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Identifying Your Sleeping Disorder: Narcolepsy

Sleeping Disorders

Physicians and other medical practitioners may very well verify that one of the most common sleep disorders of modern age is Narcolepsy, which seems to be affecting more and more people all around the world due to demanding lifestyles and economic reasons.     Classification of Types of Narcolepsy The ICSD-2 (International Classification of Sleep …

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Diagnosing Your Sleeping Position: How Do You Sleep?

How many sleeping positions do you know, rather and more importantly, what’s your dominant sleep position? Not to venture into the wealth of literature you’ve read on the topic at hand, but scientifically speaking, there are only just 3 sleep positions: Sleeping on your stomach, sleeping on you back, or sleeping on your side. Then …

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