Best Adjustable Beds: Reviews of the 7 Best Adjustable Bed Frames and Mattresses

7 Best Adjustable Beds of 2020, 3 Most CRITICAL Adjustable Specs, and a UNIQUE Review and Comparison

Updated for August 2020

Best Adjustable Beds

3 MUST-HAVE & 3 Optional Features for Your Adjustable Bed

So you want to know what the best and most popular adjustable beds of 2020 are. In contrast to many other sites, our top rated beds were carefully selected after a scientific ranking and review process. Bedroom Solutions' ratings were compiled based on the following 5 criteria.

  1. Availability of the 3 Most ESSENTIAL Features
  2. Availability of 7 Optional & Supplementary Features
  3. Manufacturer Reputation
  4. Consumer Reviews
  5. Price 

Here's what you'll find on this page

  1. Our 5-Step, Scientific Rating Process (Video)
  2. Top 10 Adjustable Bed Features
    • 3 Must-have specs
    • 3 Optional specs
    • 4 Supplementary specs
  3. Top 7 Adjustable Beds of 2020 - Comparison Table
  4. In-depth Reviews of the Top 7 Bases
  5. A Few Testimonials Received on our Reviews
Top rated adjustable bed of 2020

Modern adjustable bed frames are popular not only because they help people sleep well, but also because of the health benefits. They can relieve back pains, acid reflux, snoring, restless leg syndrome (RLS) etc. etc. The video below goes through the 6 best features (3 Must-Have + 3 Optional features) you should know about before going through our in-depth reviews.

Our 5 Step Process of Ranking Adjustable Beds

  1. Analysis of 100+ adjustable beds: First, we analyzed over 25 adjustable bed specs and over 1000 consumer reviews on 100+ beds
  2. Identification of the 10 MOST IMPORTANT specs: Then we identified the 3 MOST useful features and many optional features
  3. Assigning Points: Then we assigned a score to each adjustable bed frame according to the following:
    • features offered, 
    • manufacturer reputation,
    • consumer reviews and
    • pricing structure.
  4. Ranking: Then we ranked the best models according to the points each bed scored
  5. Reviewing: Finally, we compiled detailed reviews for each of the top 7 adjustable bed frames.

Please UnMute for Sounds

The above video explains the importance of the 3 Must-Have features and 3 Optional features of adjustable beds. Please invest a few minutes of your valuable time to watch it so that you can decide if you need them or not.

Top 10 Adjustable Bed Specs You Need to Know About

  • 3 Must-Have Specs
  • 3 Optional Specs
  • 4 Supplementary Specs

Out of the many dozens of adjustable features offered by bed frame manufacturers, we strongly recommend that you choose an adjustable bed with the following 3 'MUST-have' specs if your budget allows. Their health benefits, in terms of saving your neck and back, outweigh the investment of a few hundred dollars.


  1. Pillow Tilting: better head and neck support when sitting up on the bed (reading, watching TV etc.)
  2. Wall Hugging : keeps you next to the nightstand even when the head is raised
  3. Programmable Memory Positions: program your own, custom positions

These are HIGHLY recommended features with any age group, but especially so, if you're closing up on the senior years!

3 Optional Specs

  1. Lumbar Support: for those who need extra back support
  2. Furniture-style Decking: for those who like the gorgeous looks
  3. Elevation Lift: to prevent acid reflux/ heartburn

4 Supplementary Specs

  1. Head and Foot Massage: to relax and relieve those tired muscles
  2. Storage-bed Compatibility
  3. Height-adjustable Legs
  4. Under-bed Lighting

Click on the boxes below to expand and read up on the major benefits of these features.

1. Independent Pillow Tilting (Watch Animation)

For better head and neck support while watching TV, reading or working on the computer.

Pillow tilting adjustable beds explanation

Most adjustable beds have only (A) head tilting and (B) foot tilting. Head tilting doesn't support your head and neck sufficiently, especially when you're trying to keep your head straight while watching TV or reading a book.

Pillow tilting, a third level of articulation, provides the head and neck the additional support needed for watching TV, reading books, working on the computer etc. from bed. We strongly recommend you to pick an adjustable bed with pillow tilting because it can save you a lot of pain in the long run!

2. Wall Hugging (Click for Animation)

Keeps you close to the nightstand in the upright position

adjustable bed Wallhugger function explanation

On non-wall hugging adjustable beds, as you raise the head, your whole body moves forward placing the nightstand out of reach. Turning back to reach something on the nightstand can give you neck and back sprains.

Wallhugger engineering eliminates this and makes the bed base slide back as you raise your upper body so that it never leaves the headboard or the nightstand.

3. Customizable Memory Positions (Animation)

Program your one-touch 'favorite positions' as per your personal preferences.

Customizable memory position animation

Most average adjustable beds come with 'preset' memory positions instead of customizable memory positions. With preset positions, you have to be content with what the adjustable bed manufacturer programs for you.

In contrast, customizable memory positions give you the power to control your favorite memory positions based on your personal preferences!

4. Lumbar Support

Adjustable Bed with Lumbar Support

This was first introduced on Serta Motion adjustable beds way back in 2014/15 and later adopted by other adjustable bed manufacturers. This feature comes with an independently functioning 'arm' that jumps out of the bed exerting pressure on the back region. You can control how much it jots out and thereby control the amount of pressure on your back. This can help relax tensed up muscles at the end of a long day. However, if you have an injured backbone, you will need to seek professional advice to ensure that lumbar support will be harmless for your specific condition. Generally, the best adjustable beds for back pain are those with the lumbar support feature.

5. Furniture-style Decking


This is an optional feature. The upholstered deck adds a touch of class and looks gorgeous in high-quality models. However, if you're planning on placing your adjustable base inside a wooden bed frame (sleigh bed, platform bed etc.), the upholstered deck may get covered by the wooden frame.

Therefore, we recommend furniture style decking especially if you will use your electric bed as a standalone bed without placing it inside a wooden or metal frame.

6. Elevation Lift for Acid Reflux/ heartburn

Beds with Elevation Lift can do wonders in combating acid reflux aka heartburn.

This 4th level of articulation allows the whole bed to be raised at an angle so that your upper body can be elevated above the lower body preventing stomach acids from refluxing against gravity in to the esophagus.

Elevation Lift Adjustable Beds

7. Head and Foot Dual Massage

For obvious reasons, this is not comparable to a massage you will get from your personal masseur. The massage offered by adjustable bed bases can vary from a continuous vibration in entry-level adjustable beds to advanced pulsations or rolling waves (from head to toe) on premium bases. Further, the massage intensity can be changed and high-end models also have built-in massage timers which will automatically turn the massage off after you fall asleep.

The Science behind the Massage

Massage makes you relaxed and fall asleep by activation of the parasympathetic nervous system which in turn stimulates the release of a series of calming and sleeping hormones (e.g. dopamine, serotonin, melatonin). Whether it's real human massage, a mechanical and motorized massage or a weighted blanket, it's the same principle that helps you feel calm and sleepy. This is also known as Deep Touch Pressure (DTP) or Deep Pressure Therapy (DPT) and is used as a therapy in certain medical conditions.

8. Zero-clearance

Platform or storage bed-friendly

Storage bed compatible electric bed frame

9. Height-Adjustable Legs

Some adjustable bed frames come with legs that are height adjustable: e.g. as short as 3" or as tall as 10".  This is a useful feature because it lets you change the leg height depending on your height or the mattress thickness.

Bed Bases with Adjustable Leg Height

10. Under-bed Lighting

This too can be a useful feature because it will give enough light to light up the floor to show you the way to the bathroom, yet be not too bright so as to wake up your partner.

Based on the availability of (A) above features, (B) brand/manufacturer's reputation, (C) consumer reviews and (D) price, we have selected and reviewed the 7 best adjustable bed frames for your perusal.

The 7 Best Adjustable Beds

  1. Editor's Pick - DM9000s
  2. Best Luxury Adjustable Bed - Amerisleep
  3. Best Adjustable Bed Frame and Mattress Combo - Prodigy Comfort Elite with Lumbar Support
  4. Best Entry-Level Adjustable Bed - iDealBed 4i
  5. Best Mid-Range Adjustable Bed - Layla
  6. Best Bed with an Aluminum Frame - Bear
  7. Best Budget-Friendly Adjustable Frame - Milemont (New for 2020)

Comparison of the top rated bed frames of 2020

Adjustable Bed


Top 10 Specs

Other Specs


Editor's Pick & Overall Best Adjustable Bed of 2020

  1. It has 9 of the top 10 features mentioned above. They are:
  2. Independent and adjustable pillow tilting
  3. Wall hugging
  4. Programmable memory positions
  5. Adjustable lumbar support
  6. Furniture-style decking
  7. Dual therapeutic massage
  8. Zero-clearance / Storage-bed compatibility
  9. Height adjustable legs (6 - 10")
  10. Under-bed lighting
  1. 4 USB Ports (2 on either side)
  2. Bluetooth speaker + subwoofer
  3. Microhooking mattress retention (ensures that mattress doesn't slide off when the head is raised)
  4. Wireless, 18-button remote
  5. Smartphone compatible
  6. Comes pre-assembled
  7. Economically priced - For a split-king size adjustable base, others were typically $200 - $1500 more expensive despite having fewer specs
  8. Additional 5% off in the Cart on the Manufacturer's Website as of August 12th 2020 (making it cheaper than  Amazon Price )
  9. AS3 is the best adjustable mattress we recommend for the DM9000s bed frame
  10. Extended Warranty - 10 years on parts & labor and 25 years on the metal frame (some manufacturers give only a 1-5 year warranty). This is one of the best you can get in the market.
  11. Major CONS:
    • Goes out of stock once every few months. We don’t know the reason, but guessing that the manufacturer can’t keep up with the demand
    • It lacks Elevation Lift; however, it is available on the D7500s
  12. Conclusion: This is the Most Feature-Rich adjustable bed in the market with a great warranty and an unmatched price - that's how it earned our #1 position


Most Luxurious Adjustable Bed

The Amerisleep has 6 of the 10 features. It lacks the following features:

  1. Lumbar support
  2. Furniture-style decking - if you're looking for an adjustable frame without furniture-style decking, the Amerisleep Plus is our #1 recommendation.
  3. Zero-clearance
  4. Elevation lift
  1. 8 USB Ports (4 on each side)
  2. Excellent manufacturer reputation: well known American company
  3. Under-bed LED lighting
  4. Smartphone/App compatible
  5. The MAJOR negative point about this is its expensive price tag at over $3000 for a Split-king adjustable bed frame
  6. Conclusion: Probably has the best upholstery finishes. If you want that luxury touch, can afford the high price, and don’t need lumbar support, this Amerisleep is your #1 adjustable bed.


Best Adjustable Bed Frame and Mattress Combo

The Leggett & Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite packs 7 of the 10 features. The following features are MISSING on the bed:

  1. Furniture-style decking
  2. Zero-clearance
  3. Elevation lift
  1. 8 USB port charging station
  2. Comes with a high-quality 10", 12" or 14" cool gel memory foam mattress (choose from medium soft, medium firm or firm)
  3. It is expensive at over $3000 for a Split-king size frame + mattress
  4. Smart bed with iOS and Android apps


Layla Adjustable Bed Frames

Best Mid-Range Adjustable Frames

The Layla frame comes with the following 4 top 10 features:

  1. Wall hugger technology
  2. Dual massage
  3. Underbed lighting
  4. Adjustable leg height (4 - 10.5")
  1. Four USB ports
  2. Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore and Flat preset memory positions
  3. Alexa/Google Home Compatibility via the Wifi App
  4. 30-day Trial
  5. Anti-sliding deck prevents the mattress from slipping
  6. Plenty of compatible Layla mattress options
  7. Not cheap at over $2000 for a Split-King size


Best Entry-Level Base

The iDealBed Custom 4i comes with only 3 of the top 10 features.

  1. Two customizable memory positions
  2. Three-speed and 3-mode (wave, pulse, continuous) massage with timer
  3. Under-bed night light

  1. Manufactured in partnership with Leggett & Platt
  2. Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat factory pre-set memory positions
  3. Pre-assembled
  4. Wireless back-lit remote
  5. Four USB ports
  6. Budget-friendly pricing structure
  7. Split-queen adjustable bed size is available


Bear Adjustable Foundation

Best Adjustable Base with an Aluminum Frame

The Bear adjustable base comes with 5 of the top 10 features.

  1. Wall Hugging
  2. Two customizable memory positions via the Wi Fi App
  3. Adjustable height legs
  4. Storage bed friendly
  5. Under-bed night light


  1. It comes from a trusted manufacturer, Bear
  2. The Aluminum Frame makes it unique
  3. Two USB ports
  4. 10-year warranty
  5. Major Limitation: Priced above $2000


Best-value Budget Friendly Frame

The Milemont comes with only 2 of the 10 premium specs.

  1. One programmable memory position
  2. Storage-bed compatible


  1. One-touch flat preset position
  2. Basic model with an amazing price
  3. Under $800 for a Split-King size

Note: Ranking process is described here. All adjustable bed prices indicated on the above table are accurate as of July 25th 2020.

Disclaimer: We triple check every fact displayed here to make sure that we paint an accurate picture of an adjustable bed in your mind. But our team of humans are not perfect and we can make mistakes just like everyone else. So, it's best that you cross check our details with those given on the relevant product pages.

Here's a detailed review of our #1 ranked adjustable bed frame to help you make an educated decision.

Overall Best of 2020

DynastyMattress DM9000s Bed Review

This is the most-feature rich adjustable bed you will find on planet earth right now. It has all the major adjustable bed features except one (read about it in the 'Cons' section below)

It has the 3 'MUST-HAVE' Features:

  1. Independent Pillow tilting better neck support during reading, TV watching etc.
  2. Wall hugging to keep you close to the nightstand even in the upright position
  3. FOUR Memory Positions (3 programmable + 1 preset) on the remote to get to your favorite positions with a single click

7 More Pros of the DM9000s:

  1. Lumbar support to relieve tired/aching back muscles. This is adjustable; you can increase or decrease the lumbar pressure using the 'Lumbar Up' and 'Lumbar Down' buttons.
  2. Upholstered, furniture-style decking for great looks (hides the 'ugly' metal frames if you wish to use it as a standalone bed, without a wooden bed frame)
  3. Quad-massage with timer and rolling-wave feature
  4. Economically priced: adjustable bases from certain other brands are over $1000 more expensive (for a split-king size) despite having fewer features
  5. 10-Year Extended Warranty on Parts and Labor
  6. Microhooking mattress retention instead of the mattress retention bar which is old-fashioned and gets in the way when making the bed (tucking the sheets under the bar can be annoying)
  7. Platform bed/ storage bed-friendly (zero-clearance adjustable bed). More than 90% of the models have mechanical components jotting under the adjustable foundation preventing you from using it with a storage or platform bed frame.

Here are some additional 'BONUS' features (these are NOT 'need-to-have' features; but are definitely 'nice-to-have')

  1. 4 USB Ports (2 on either side)
  2. Height adjustable legs (6 - 10 inches)
  3. Bluetooth speaker + subwoofer
  4. Under-bed LED lighting

Discount valid as of 7.20am CST, 12th August 2020

What are the DM9000s Cons ?

We failed to find any drawbacks/ limitations of this model except for the following two:

  1. It lacks 'Elevation Lift' which is a feature recommended for sleepers with heartburn. If you don't have heartburn, its absence on this model is not an issue.
  2. Over the years, we've seen this model go out of stock regularly. May be they can't keep up with the demand (just guessing). Consider yourself lucky, if it's in stock when you're reading this.

Detailed Reviews of the 7 Best Adjustable Beds and Adjustable Bed Mattresses of 2020

DynastyMattress DM9000s – The Best Adjustable Bed of 2020

The DM9000s by DynastyMattress is our #1 recommended adjustable bed of 2020. It won this coveted position in 2019 surpassing 2018’s best model, the Prodigy 2.0.

DynastyMattress DM9000s Review

Overview of the DynastyMattress DM9000s frame

8 Major Pros of the DM9000s
  1. Independent Pillow Tilting: DM9000s Independent Pillow Tilt on RemoteOf the many adjustable bases with pillow tilting, only a few have truly independent pillow tilting. When pillow tilting first came about, there wasn’t a dedicated motor for it. There were only two motors, one for the feet and the other for the head. After the head tilt was completely raised, the motor would go on to tilt the pillow section. In contrast, adjustable beds such as the DM9000s has a 3rd motor dedicated for pillow tilting. Therefore, you can tilt the pillow section anytime you want, even when the head section is completely lowered and flat. How cool is that? !! August 12th 2020 Update: Extra 5% off in the Cart on the Manufacturer’s Website
  2. Independent Lumbar Support: DM9000s Adjustable Bed Lumbar SupportIn addition to the 3 motors for head, foot and pillow tilting, the DM9000s has a 4th motor for its independent lumbar support feature. You can raise or lower the lumbar support arm to increase or decrease pressure on your lumbar area. Just like there is a 4th motor for that, there are also a couple of independent buttons on the wireless remote to operate them. It is this lumbar support feature that makes the DM9000s one of the best beds for back pain. Check out what this customer has to say about the Lumbar Support.
  3. Four Programmable and Preset Memory Positions: DM9000s Programmable Memory PositionsThe DM9000s comes with three programmable memory positions and one preset memory position. The Zero Gravity, Memory A and Memory B are customizable according to your personal preference. You can program Memory A and B to anti-snore, lounging, feet relaxing, or TV watching position based on the most common positions you’ll use.
  4. Wall Hugging: up to 11″ back travel keeps you within reach of the nightstand even when you’re raised into a sitting up position
  5. Furniture-style decking: Furniture Style Decking of DynastyMattress DM9000sBeautifully upholstered furniture-style deck allows you to use the adjustable bed as a standalone bed without placing it inside of a wooden bed frame. However, note that this can also be an disadvantage: for example, if you were planning on placing your adjustable bed inside of an existing wooden frame, this may not fit inside your frame (make sure you double check the dimensions). Also, you’re paying for the furniture-style double decking and then in turn hiding it inside your wooden frame… doesn’t sound right does it?
  6. Great Price: all other adjustable beds with the above features are priced roughly about $1000 higher than the Dynasty Mattress DM9000s. So if you need these high-end specs, would you buy this model or pay an extra $1000 for a different brand?
  7. 25-Year Warranty: If you were worried about the relatively cheap pricing, worry not. The DM9000s comes with an amazing warranty
    1. 25-Year warranty on the steel frame
    2. 10-year full warranty on parts and labor DM9000s Warranty
  8. Miscellaneous Features: In addition to the adjustable bed specs described above, any DynastyMattress DM9000s review will tell you that it has the following bonus specs.
    1. 4 USB ports
    2. Bluetooth speaker system with a sub-woofer
    3. Anti-slipping Micro-hooking mattress retention system in addition to the mattress retention bar
    4. Under-bed LED lighting
    5. Legs with 6 – 10″ adjustable height
    6. Quad-massage
    7. Available in all the different adjustable bed sizes: Twin XL, Queen, King, Split King (Eastern), California King, California Split-King
2 Cons of the DM9000s

There are hardly any limitations as such; however, we list below two ‘imperfections’ of the popular reclining bed.

  1. Elevation Lift: The DM9000s doesn’t have the ‘Elevation Lift’ feature, a feature currently offered only on Glideaway adjustable frames. You only need this if you have heartburn. If you don’t have heartburn, aka acid reflux and GERD, you don’t need to worry about it.
  2. Stocks: Over the years, something we’ve noticed is that it doesn’t remin instock continuously. It goes out of stock, once every few months. We don’t know why that is, but may be the manufacturer can’t keep up with the demand (just guessing).

We have done a detailed DynastyMattress DM9000s bed review elsewhere. But you really don’t need to go there. Everything you wanted to know about the adjustable base was explained here for you !!

Amerisleep – Best Luxury Model

The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ model holds a unique place among adjustable beds. Based on our research, it is none but the famous Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0, possibly made with some specific modifications tailor made to Amerisleep requirements. While we really want to rank it at the #1 position, we can’t because it lacks a couple of features compared to the DM9000s and S&S Platinum, and also because it’s fairly more expensive than those two models.

Amerisleep Prodigy Adjustable Bed

Overview of the Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+

15 Major Pros
  1. Independent Pillow tilting: for more comfortable reading, TV watching and browsing
  2. Wall hugging: to keep you close to the nightstand even in the upright position
  3. Four customizable memory positions: 2 on the remote and 2 on the smartphone app to get you to your favorite positions in a flash
  4. Two additional preset memory positions: Anti-snore and One-Touch Flat positions
  5. Advanced massage features: pulse, rolling-wave or full-body massage with timer
  6. Whisper-quiet motors: make sure that you don’t wake your partner up
  7. Excellent finish on the upholstery: cheap models have wrinkles, but not this Amerisleep base
  8. Up to 25 Year Warranty on the frame (depends on the model you choose)
  9. Safety Lock on remote: to prevent unintentional movements of the base
  10. Excellent manufacturer reputation: well known American company
  11. Eight USB Ports (4 on each side)
  12. Under-bed LED lighting
  13. Sleep timer and gentle wake-up alarm
  14. Smartphone/App compatible
  15. Up to 850 lb weight lifting capacity (including the mattress)Dual massage, usb ports, and under-bed lights of the Amerisleep motion bed
4 Cons
  1. Expensive: it is about 30% more expensive than the previous two models (for a split-king base)
  2. No lumbar support: this is a feature recommended for individuals with back issues
  3. No furniture-style decking: this can actually be a good thing if you’re placing this inside a wooden bed frame
  4. No elevation lift: this is a feature recommended for individuals with acid reflux and not everyone needs it
Amerisleep Summary

Finish-wise, nothing comes close to the Amerisleep Prodigy 2.0. If you want that luxury touch, can afford the extra expense, and don’t need lumbar support, this the Amerisleep is your #1 adjustable bed.

Prodigy Comfort Elite – Best Foundation and Adjustable Mattress Combo

Leggett & Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite Adjustable Bed ReviewThis model was given birth to by Leggett & Platt in 2018/19 when they added the major modification ‘lumbar support’, to their famous Prodigy 2.0 adjustable frame. This is a very high-end foundation that packs almost all the features of the DM9000s except two major ones.

The Prodigy Comfort Elite lacks the following features compared to the DM9000s:

  1. No Furniture-style decking
  2. Not a zero-clearance model (not storage-bed compatible)

7 Pros and Cons of the Leggett & Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite

5 Major Pros of the Prodigy Comfort Elite bed

  1. Prodigy Comfort Elite Remote FeaturesIndependent Pillow Tilting: similar to the DM9000s, this has a dedicated motor for pillow tilting. The foot section can be tilted by up to 45 degrees, the head section can be tilted by up to 75 degrees, and the pillow section can be tilted by up 7 degrees.
  2. Wall Hugging: it has ~8″ of back travel towards the headboard so that you stay adjacent to the nightstand
  3. Four Memory Positions: It has 2 preset memory positions (anti-snore and flat) and two programmable positions which you can set according to your personal needs.
  4. Independent Lumbar Support: similar to the DM9000s, this too has a separate lumbar support bar operated by a dedicated button on the remote
  5. Miscellaneous Features:
    1. 8 USB Ports: 4 ports on either side
    2. Head and Foot Therapeutic Massage with pulse and wave massage
    3. 6″ – 10″ height adjustable legs let you raise or lower the frame as per your personal preferences
    4. Under-bed lighting
    5. Smart bed with iOS and Android apps
    6. Available in Twin XL, Queen, King and Split-king sizes
    7. Price fluctuates, we’ve never seen it cheaper than $2500 for a split-king model. That’s about $600 – 700 more expensive than the DM9000s

2 Cons/ Limitations

  1. Foundation-style adjustable base: unlike the DM9000s, this is not a Furniture-style frame. However, this can be a good thing if you’re going to place it inside a wooden frame
  2. Not compatible with platform beds or storage beds: as you can see from the image above, various arms stick out the bottom preventing you from using it as a zero-clearance bed or keeping it on the floor

Even though this doesn’t have all the features of the DM9000s, it is your number 1 option if you’re looking for a electric bed without furniture-style decking.

Layla – Best Mid-Range Electric Bed Frame

Layla is mostly known for its mattresses. Layla produces a variety of mattresses ranging from memory foam to hybrid mattresses. They had a few platform beds also in their product range and have recently started to manufacture adjustable beds as well.

Layla adjustable bases are available as two models: (i) the basic model, Layla Adjustable Base and the (ii) feature-rich model, Layla Adjustable Base Plus. This review is on the Layla Adjustable Base Plus.

Layla Adjustable Bed Plus Review

Important Features of the Layla ‘Plus’ Bed

It comes with the following features:

  1. Wall Gliding (same as wall hugger technology)
  2. Head and Foot dual-zone Massage with 3 different intensities and auto-shutoff timer
  3. Three preset memory positions: Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore and One-Touch Flat
  4. Underbed Lighting
  5. Alexa/Google Home Compatibility and Connects to your smartphone via Layla’s Wifi App
  6. 30-day Trial (100% Money Back Guarantee): with such a guarantee, what have you got to lose?
  7. Four USB ports
  8. Easy assembly
  9. Adjustable leg height – the top of the base can be as low as 5″ off the ground or as high as 14″ off the ground as per your wish
  10. Anti-sliding deck – the mattress stays put without sliding off the bed
  11. Last but not least, it comes from the popular and highly respected brand, Layla

Limitations of the Layla Plus Reclining Bed

  1. No pillow tilting – no big deal if you won’t be watching TV, reading books etc. for very long periods
  2. The Layla adjustable bed also has the #2, #3, and #4 limitations mentioned above for the Amerisleep base

The basic model has fewer features than the above Plus model. However, it has a more economical and affordable price tag.

iDealBed 4i Custom – Best Entry-Level Adjustable Frame

Idealbed 4i Custom Adjustable Bed ReviewFirst things first… the 4i has been produced by iDealBed partnering with Leggett & Platt, a giant in the adjustable bed industry. If you checkout the DealBeds website, you’ll see that iDealBed has partnered with not only Leggett & Platt, but also Reverie, to produce several custom adjustable bases under the brand name of iDealBed. This is great news for the consumer because when you purchase an iDealBed adjustable bed frame, you’re getting the high quality of Leggett & Platt or Reverie for a much cheaper price point. Amerisleep has a similar partnership with L&P. The Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ is very similar to the Prodigy 2.0 with a few customizations done for Amerisleep.

Major Pros & Cons of the iDealBed 4i Custom

  1. It’s manufactured in partnership with Leggett & Platt; no need to worry about the iDealBed brand name, if you haven’t heard that before
  2. Designed and engineered in the USA
  3. Two customizable memory positions
  4. Three factory pre-set memory positions – Zero Gravity, Anti-Snore, and Flat
  5. Three-speed and 3-mode (wave, pulse, continuous) massage with timer
  6. 850 lb weight lifting capacity (that’s one heck of a powerful motor)
  7. ‘Ultra quiet’ motor (they’re Leggett & Platt motors)
  8. Delivered to your doorstep, all pre-assembled. No need of fancy tools to make it stand up
  9. Raise the head section up to 70° and the foot section up to 45°
  10. Wireless back-lit remote (doesn’t look pretty)
  11. Four USB ports
  12. Under-bed night light

Limitations of the iDealBed 4i Custom adjustable bed

The following 3 specs are generally only found on the most high-end adjustable luxury bed frames and you shouldn’t be surprised that the 4i doesn’t come with them

  1. It lacks pillow tilting
  2. It doesn’t come with wall hugging
  3. It doesn’t have an upholstered, deck-on-deck design

We have done a detailed iDealBed 4i Custom review elsewhere on Bedroom Solutions. If you’re seriously considering this model, I highly recommend you check that out.

Bear – Best Aluminum Frame

Bear Adjustable Bed Frame Review
The Bear adjustable bed stands out like a sore thumb among other electric beds. Can you guess why, by looking at the image above? Well there are two differences mainly. One is that the Bear comes with a non-upholstered Aluminum frame. Secondly, it’s deck comes in 4 independent sections. It is a relatively basic model with fewer features than most other beds. However, it made it to our list of best adjustable beds on the basis of the high marks it scored on the trustworthy and familiar brand name and the high-quality of the product.

Overview of the Bear Adjustable Base

  1. Has wall hugging
  2. It’s from Bear
  3. It comes with a 10 year warranty

Major CONS of the Bear bed

PRICE – it ain’t cheap; in fact, it’s one of the most expensive in our list of top 7 adjustable foundations.

Milemont – Best Priced Adjustable Bed

Milemont Electric Bed Review

Noteworthy Features of the Milemont Adjustable Bed Frame

  1. Most noteworthy feature of the Milemont is its cheap adjustable bed price. As of May 2020, you could purchase a pair of Twin XL Milemont adjustable foundations for under $800.
  2. It comes with basic head (up to 60 degrees) and foot inclinations (up to 45 degrees)
  3. One programmable memory position and one preset position (one-touch flat) on the remote
  4. Simple, 10-minute assembly
  5. Storage-bed compatible – use it without legs on a platform bed or chuck a luggage under the bed

High-end Features the Milemont bed Lacks

  1. No Pillow Tilting, Wallhugger, Lumbar Support, Massage, or Furniture-style decking
  2. No USB ports, under-bed lighting, height adjustable legs or microhooking mattress retention

Let us reiterate, the Milemont is not for those seeking a luxury adjustable bed with all the bells and whistles. This is a basic model that packs all the essential features that make a bed an adjustable bed.

Now you should have a fairly good idea about the most popular adjustable bed specs and which of the above movable beds will serve your purpose best. If you're still not sure about which model suits you best, please check out the following adjustable bed frame reviews based on the functions they specialize in.

How to Choose an Adjustable Bed based on the Specialized Function

  1. Overall Best – DM9000s (2020 ranking) and Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed (2018 ranking)
  2. Best for Back Pain – DM9000s, Leggett and Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite (2018-19), Reverie 9T (2017)
  3. Best for Seniors – Glideaway Elevation, Ascend and Vesta beds
  4. Best Beds for GERD/Acid Reflux – DM7500, Glideaway Vesta and Odessa
  5. Best Mid-Range Adjustable Beds – Layla, iDealBed
  6. Best Anti-Snore Bed – Any model with the anti-snore preset and independent pillow tilting
  7. Best Value for Money – iDealBed 4i Custom, Milemont
  8. Best Value Split-King adjustable beds – Blissful Nights, Sven and Son Classic
  9. Best Entry-Level Models – Blissful Nights, Milemont
  10. Best Luxury Adjustable Beds – Amerisleep Adjustable Bed+ (Prodigy 2.0), Sleep Number FlexFit Smart adjustable bed and TEMPUR-Ergo® Extend adjustable base
  11. Best Adjustable Mattresses -  Amerisleep AS3 adjustable mattress

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Caleb Turner

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The Adjustable Bed Buyer’s Guide – For Bases with and without Adjustable Mattresses

Now that you have gone through the above guide on how to pick one of the highest quality adjustable beds, you should now answer the following two questions.

  1. What do I want from my adjustable bed?
  2. Which adjustable bed features do I want in my bed base?

Recap: Bed reviews based on specialized adjustable functions

The bed frame will be used for…

Major feature needed for that function

Best base for the job

Watching TV, Reading, Laptop WorkPillow TiltingOur #1 Recommended Beds, DM9000s and Amerisleep
SnoringPillow Tilting (anti-snore position)Same as above
GERD/Acid RefluxElevation Lift ArticulationGlideaway Elevation and Ascend beds and DynastyMattress D7500s
SeniorsCheap Price-point and preferably Elevation LiftSame as above
Easily Reach the NightstandWallhugger EngineeringDM9000s, Prodigy Comfort Elite, Layla and Bear
Back PainLumbar SupportProdigy Comfort Elite with Lumbar Support, DM9000s
Relaxing Tired MusclesTherapeutic Massage MotorsSame as above
Instantly Adopting Your Favorite PositionProgrammable Memory PositionsDM9000s, Amerisleep, iDealbed 4i custom
Charging DevicesUSB PortsAll of above, iDealBed 4i Custom, Milemont etc.
Awesome LooksDeck-on-Deck Furniture Style DesignDM9000s and Amerisleep
Remember, the Best of the Best Adjustable Frames have all of the above and more…

Can you now decide which adjustable beds fulfill your needs the best?

Typical Adjustable Bed Prices

Adjustable bed prices can range from approximately $400 – 8000 (for a Milemont base vs a Sleep Number FlexFit 3 or certain Tempur-Pedic, Glideaway and Leggett & Platt models).

If you do your research right, you can get a fully fledged split king adjustable bed for less than $2000 or a split-queen adjustable bed frame for less than $1500. You just have to spend a couple of hours with our adjustable bed guide.

Conclusion on the Top Rated Adjustable Electric Beds

So, what’s the final verdict after all these reviews? What’s the best option available in the current market? Which type of adjustable bed suits my particular needs best? Well… here are the answers.

Entry-level adjustable bed frames work best for…

An entry-level adjustable frame like the Milemont or the iDealBed 4i would do just fine

  1. If all you want is to raise the head (e.g. to watch TV) or feet (e.g.. you have restless leg syndrome),
  2. If you have no intention of using therapeutic massage, USB ports, Bluetooth connectivity, smartphone compatibility etc.
  3. If you’re on a budget and don’t want to spend for features you’ll rarely use

High-end adjustable beds work best for ….

If what you expect from an adjustable bed is not what is listed above, you will want a top-of-the-line adjustable bed with all the bells and whistles, we recommend you choose a model like the DM9000s, Amerisleep or even the Glideaway Elevation if you need an anti-acid reflux bed.

Last but not least, remember that you’ll need to compliment your high-quality adjustable bed with a durable adjustable bed mattress. Be sure to explore our top 7 adjustable beds to view specific reviews, prices and more.

Please share with us your thoughts about our adjustable bed and mattress reviews. Thank you!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Are adjustable beds worth it?

Yes, adjustable beds are worth the investment because they have many health benefits.

What is the best adjustable foundation on the market?

DM9000s, Amerisleep, Leggett & Platt Prodigy Comfort Elite are examples for top rated adjustable beds in the current market. There are many other adjustable bed brands on the market such as Nectar, Yaasa, Saatva Lineal, Purple etc. But they didn't make it to our top 7 listing because we picked the beds with the highest marks in each category.

Can you use any mattress on an adjustable bed?

No, you cannot use all types of mattresses on an adjustable bed frame. Latex and foam mattresses are most suitable for use on inclining bed bases.

How much does an adjustable bed cost?

Adjustable bed prices start at around $400 and go all the way up to $10,000 depending on the size, different features offered and whether an adjustable mattress is included or not.

Is it good to sleep in the zero gravity position?

Yes, sleeping in the zero gravity position can relieve tension on your back.

What are the best sheets to use on an adjustable bed frame?

Fitted sheets with elastic straps right around or on the 4 corners work best.

Are adjustable beds good for side sleepers?

Yes, if you use only a slight inclination, adjustable beds work for side sleepers. But, if you want to incline more than 10 degrees, a special kind of adjustable base with elevation lift is recommended.


  1. Normally, Adjustable bed bases don’t come with mattresses? The manufacturer only provides the frame? If so, how do I find a suitable adjustable mattress?

    • Hi Bill,
      I believe it’s China, but I suggest you contact Dynasty Mattress support to find out the latest situation on this. I say that because there was a popular brand (still is) of adjustable bed made in the USA for years; but since about 2018 it is being manufactured in China.

      Hope that helps!

  2. Hi Belinda:
    You guessed it bang on.: It was because of the Trench. AND you also SOLVED the problem with the link you sent. That is awesome. Thank you so much for the time and care you took to deal with my concerns!!
    All the very best.

    • Hi Steven,

      This is exactly what I live for 🙂 A $1000 consultation fee wouldn’t have made me this happy 🙂 Your comment made my day!

      However, please be aware that on the raised positions (e.g. head tilt or foot tilt), the ‘bridge’ can sometimes gets derailed. However, on the elevation lift position, it should stay put!! Would love to hear your thoughts about both the adjustable base and the bridge after a couple of months’ use!

      Again, thank you for your encouraging words!
      Have a wonderful day!

  3. Hi Belinda:
    thanks much for getting back to me.
    I called Glideway and unfortunately they only do a Split California king for elevation lifts…..would you know of anyone that might do the entire king size bed?
    Thanks much for your help?

    • Hi Steven,

      Believe it or not, one-piece king-size beds are losing popularity at a rate when it comes to adjustable beds!!

      Two split kings come to the same size as the king size and I DO NOT see a single disadvantage of a split-king over the one-piece king except for the potential ‘trench’ that can form between the two mattresses. There are ways to tackle that. On the other hand, there are a bunch of benefits of split-king models over non-split models.

      For some people, the only reason they want a non-split model is because they already have a king size mattress. I ask them to buy a split-king base anyway because you can synchronize the two bases to move together and use it as a non-split standard king. One fine day, when the mattress finally wears out, they can consider buying a couple of split-king mattresses to put on the split-king bases.

      I don’t know the exact reason you’re looking for a non-split king; but if it has anything to do with the trench or an existing king-size mattress, they’re not valid reasons for you to reject a split-king base 🙂

      Hope my little rant helps you make an educated decision… No pressure 😉

      All the best!

  4. Hi
    This is a great website. Very helpful. I need some help: Can you advise if anyone is producing an elevation lift (for GERD) for king size beds that is NOT a SPLIT king bed. I’m looking for one that lifts an entire King size mattress.
    Thanks much

  5. Hi Belinda,
    Found your site, this information is terrific! I need an additional feature that I don’t see covered in you reviews. I’m hoping with your knowledge and all the research you have done, you may be able to help.
    We need to purchase an adjustable bed, my wife has MS and needs the assistance of raising/lowering the head, plus the overall comfort improvement. Today, we have a handrail that is affixed to the bed frame to assist getting in/out of bed. Are you aware of any manufacturer who sells an optional handrail that attaches to the bed? The structure of the underframe on these beds won’t work to mount my current hand rail or any others I have seen.


    • Hi Darryl,

      I think I know what you mean. Will these side rails work? Not the highest quality or the best looking stuff. But it serves the purpose!! You can have one of these on the head section. I don’t think you can have this on the horizontal section because that will interfere with getting in and out of bed.

      Let me know if this isn’t helpful and I’ll see what else I can do to help.
      Thank you for stopping by Bedroom Solutions!

  6. Belinda, hi. I really, REALLY appreciated reading the Bedroom Solutions report on the Top rated Adjustable Beds. What I wish is that you guys could add a “Print” button to your site so that I could print a copy of your lengthy reviews and comments. There is SO MUCH good information at that it would be very helpful if I could generate a hard copy. A transcript of the 11 minute video would be a great help also. Regards, Ray

    • Hi Ray,

      Thanks so much for the great compliment, it really means a lot to our team. I don’t know if it’s possible to add such a print button. I’ll get our web guys to check on that and get back to you.

      Adjustable bed video transcript; I think we certainly can do that!!

      Many thanks for the constructive suggestions!

  7. I was told that spring mattresses with individually wrapped pocketed coils like the beautyrest 800 series are the best adjustable mattresses. Your ideas please??

    • Hi Amy,

      I wouldn’t say that pocketed coil spring mattresses are the best type of adjustable mattresses. Generally, latex and foam mattresses are the best suited mattresses for adjustable beds. The traditional innerspring mattresses are the worst mattresses (water mattresses are also bad). I mean just imagine how metal will have to flex and bend together with the bed. How well will it straighten back after it bends? This is why latex and foam are considered the best when it comes to adjustability. However, on mattresses like the Beautyrest 800, the coil springs are individually wrapped in cloth and they can move independently of each other. This certainly makes them adjustable bed compatible, but I wouldn’t say they’re the best suitable for motion beds. I would still recommend latex or memory foam over pocketed spring mattresses.

      Hope that helps!

  8. The reviews are unmatched. I shared it on reddit, FB and instagram with tens of thousands of fans. I hope you don’t mind my way of saying thank you!



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