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Bedroom Design Tips for the Master Bedroom

If your master bedroom does not feel like a honeymoon retreat, then you’re in the right place for some great bedroom design tips for couples’ bedroom.


Yin-Yang Balance: His and Hers Retreat

Strike a yin-yang balance through the dominant colors and hues, for his and hers, this including the wallpaper shades, eye-level dominant colors, and the overall color scheme. Though an ancient pre-historic Chinese medicinal concept, Yin-Yang energy balance is just as important today as it was back then.


( Bedroom Designs - Image Courtesy of twevy.com )

( Bedroom Designs – Image Courtesy of twevy.com )


Yin (female) energy balance in the room will be highlighted in the softer effeminate colors (favorite colors of hers), and in artistic bedroom accessories like embellished wallpaper; decorative embossed ceilings with sophisticated chandeliers; beautiful flower vases, lamp shades; fine drapery with thick matching rugs and carpeting; silky bedding sheets and velvety linen with enough throws and pillows neatly littered about the bedroom space…just to touch on a few of the master bedroom design tips that will channel the feminine energy.

Yang (male) energy balance in the master bedroom should easily channel through bold colors and masculine hues (or favorite colors of his); brilliant dazzling lights–assorted types strategically positioned about the bedroom space, and this includes lamps and portable spotlights; customized statement head-boards and foot-boards accompanied with macho chests and bedside tables, just to highlight a few bedroom tips for his

 pixabay.com Beautiful bedroom(Image courtesy of pixabay.com)

Themed Master Bedroom Designs

Feel free to get all creative here in finding your desired master bedroom theme, there’s no limit to just how customized to a Tee or bizarrely unique your bedroom theme can be.


Default bedroom design themes you could kick off with include options of:

Modern vs. Rustic Bedroom themes

An apartment bedroom on a Condo overlooking busy New York City is more likely to feature a modern-themed decor, while a suburban villa home in Seattle is more likely to sell furnished with a Rustic-bedroom theme. Rustic would call for polished wood finishing and furnishing, carvings and sculptures, antique pieces like vintage wall clocks and ancient art, to name but a few touches.


wikimedia Victorian bedroom

(Image courtesy of Wikimedia.org)

Cozy vs. Minimalist Bedroom themes

The Minimalist route is a pretty good way to strike the balance for a modern couple using just that: Simplicity through inviting minimalism. Fine lines without the frills, astute unique colors without the fanfare, functional furniture additions and elegantly blended interior decor…It’s not meant to be an obstruction, but instead, subjection to your modern lifestyle. None of the pieces in a truly modern minimalist bedroom space should be “in the way of anything”, rather, chic clever pieces should be obscurely available; creative Inlays, concealed wardrobes and tucked shelves will win the bedroom space… They key is in adding onto the entire bedroom ambiance without standing out too much yet without which, making all the difference.



(Image courtesy of: DeviantArt.com)


Should you settle for the Cozy-themed master bedroom, not only will you get away with plenty of D-I-Y, but further, the alternate to Minimalism generally applies: The more the merrier! Apparently, this also usurps the available bedroom space and could very easily become counterproductive for the Zen in your master bedroom.


pixabay.com cozy bedroom

(Image courtesy of: Pixabay.com)


“Cooling” vs. “Warming” Bedroom themes

These two themes are mainly expressed in the color schemes and in the bedroom lighting used. However, the design concepts go beyond just the use of cooling colors like pale blues, purple violets and white; or warming colors like gold, red, yellow and orange.


www.iha.com Oriental bedroom

(Image courtesy of: iha.com)

Futuristic vs. Oriental Bedroom themes

Be careful not to cross over to converting your master bedroom feel to “museum-like” in a bid to channel the Futuristic-themed bedroom design…it’s not too easy falling asleep in a jewelry store! Artistic, timeless accessories like canvas paintings from the East, exotic Persian rugs, traditional patterned wallpaper, giant Asiatic fans and vases are sure to bring out the Oriental-themed bedroom very nicely if any interior designer should say so! On the other hand, a tapestry from the 19th century and an Leggett & Platt Prodigy 2.0 adjustable bed are very unlikely to go together in the same bedroom. This is where you really need to make sure you either pick a modern, futuristic theme or a traditional, country theme. Mixing the two in one form or the other can spell disaster to your master bedroom.



10 Bedroom Design Tips For Bachelors

Any bachelor worth his manliness will vouch for practicality and a minimalist lifestyle any day over a complicated impractical lifestyle, and this typically translates in many obvious ways from his living space décor and bedroom design. Simple does it could very well be the headlining tag for any bachelor and here are some great tips on bedroom designs for bachelors.

(Video Credits: CNN.com)

1. Clean White Bed Sheets

You never go wrong with white bed sheets, it’s no wonder that’s the standard for any luxury mattress at 5 star hotels. There are enough reasons for dressing your bed with white bed sheets, and these include:

  • They have a sure litmus indication when they get dirty and need cleaning
  • Cleaning white bed sheets is made easier with white bleaching disinfectant which tackles stubborn stains leaving them bright white, clean and fresh
  • You also cannot mistake clean white sheets, and they are not only very welcoming to any bachelor but to his hosted guests as well – a bachelor with white bed sheets is a clean guy, hands down!

A good investment would be some cotton sheets with high thread count and fabric density which feels soft; such fabric stays airy due to its porous nature unlike certain synthetic fabrics.


pixabay pillows-820149_960_720

(Image Credits: Pixabay.com)

Read about the best adjustable bed models on http://bedroom.solutions/best-adjustable-beds/ and see if that could beautify your bedroom.

2. Drawer Chest

This doesn’t have to be an over-the-top drawer chest, but even a small yet tasty piece of furniture like a miniature drawer chest will make all the difference in a bachelor’s bedroom design. If you have a small bedroom space, one that takes up lateral height with ample storage space will not only be a bedroom design piece but practical furniture for your clothing and other bachelor stuff.
wikipedia ChestOfDrawers

(Image Credits: Wikipedia.org)

3. Dining Table

No, this is not overboard dining furniture that will take up all your bedroom space, but an alternative table set aside where you can dine from, from the comfort of your neatly designed bedroom area.
wikimedia Dining_table_for_two

(Image Credits: Wikimedia.org)

4. Bedroom Desk

You may or may not have your office desk in the home office, but a bedroom desk will be that neatly tucked furniture piece where you can comfortably study and work from without leaving the luxurious comfort of your bedroom. It can be picked out to express your individuality, tastes or as a signature piece which bolsters your energy levels whenever you sit at it.


pixabay home-office-902342_960_720

(Image Credits: Pixabay.com)

5. Book Shelf

Just within an arm’s stretch from your bedroom desk, would a book shelf complement your bedroom setup. Feel free to showcase your favourite books, picture frames, and lifetime collections or awards and trophies… The purpose of this shelf will be to exhibition and not some space where you can toss things to be sorted later. It could very well become the centerpiece of your bedroom design, and the more personality you give it the better you portray yourself.


wikipedia IKEA_Billy_bookshelf_(80x106_cm_birch_veneer)

(Image Credits: Wikipedia.org)

6. Mannish Lighting

There’s no separating a bachelor from his mannish lighting and the bedroom design offers a great opportunity for you to express your creative lighting streak. There are endless lighting options to choose from, including 3-way lighting switches, sconces, fancy dimmers, artistic lamps, modern dimmers, mannish chandeliers, and the list goes on and on… For the bedroom design, the key consideration should be that the light should not disrupt the sleep but facilitate for the mood setting and set the bedroom ambiance for different seasons and times. The use of lamps could come in handy at the bedroom desk and at the bedroom dining table separate from the main central lighting. You could also set up a pair of bedside lamps with easy access to the dimmer switch from the comfort of your bedside for control of the main light.

(Image Credits: Youtube.com)

7. Bedroom Sofa

Feel free to stray from the norm that is having a sectional seat in a bachelor pad by including a stylish, ultra modern sofa set that won’t feel too cosy but maintain your mannish style. This could be a convertible sofa seat that easily translates to a sleeping section without taking up too much extra space especially if your bedroom space is limited.
pixabay sofa-1078931_960_720

(Image Credits: Pixabay.com)

8. Bedroom Wallpaper

A touch of wallpaper could make a world of difference with regards to aesthetic value, personality and creating sectional illusions for a limited bachelor pad sleeping area. There is no limitation as to how far you can utilize the wallpaper, be it a ceiling-to-floor setup, a mid-rift wallpaper, or a ceiling lining wallpaper, or even just a simple patchwork wallpaper job, say around the shelf or bedroom desk area…


imageabay wallpaper-wall-room-bedroom-bed_default

(Image Credits: Imageabay.com)

9. Plush Carpet

No, this is not a feminine concept, but will almost become a necessity especially in the cold winter season when the floor gets way too cold for comfort. You will be spoilt for choice from all the available carpet designs in the market, but a good start will be to invest in a tufted yarn carpet which is thick and plush and feels like sinking your feet into a low density memory foam mattress topper. It doesn’t have to run from wall to wall but could be a centerpiece around the bedroom dining table and around the bedroom desk area.
pixabay carpet-1242196_960_720

(Image Credits: Pixabay.com)

10. Texturized Foot Rug

Failing to include a textured, warm foot rug right beside your bed at the foot area would be a great bedroom design faux pas, even for the most brutish bachelor. It not only makes total design sense, but will also make it easier for you to step out of bed before you can slip your warm feet into your bedroom sandals.


pixabay carpet-100106_960_720

(Image Credits: Pixabay.com)

Bedroom Flatscreen Television

For the sake of keeping it mannish, it goes without mentioning that a TV screen would not be an exclusion in a bachelor’s bedroom design. Key options being a wall mounted flat screen television which would ideally be ergonomically placed for viewing from all sitting and sleeping angles in the bedroom design space; or a bed inclined TV set that is remote controlled so as to recline and ascend accordingly within the bed space.


youtube maxresdefault

(Image Credits: Youtube.com)

It is not recommended to have too many electronics within the vicinity of the sleeping space, due to electromagnetic interference (plus it’s just not good for the bedroom Feng Shui)… However, where unavoidable, in the case of a television screen, you can get away with any positioning that is not too close to the bed and not too obstructive to your sleeping comfort.